Hello World!

World Cruise 2023 (Miami to Barcelona—January 7 thru May 30)

It took some time getting this blog site up and running because our internet has been finicky, but I will try to bring you up to date as we currently cruise across the Pacific Ocean to Easter Island.

Flew into Miami from Philly on Friday, January 6. Flight went smoothly despite all the airline issues over the Holidays. Stayed overnight at the InterContinental and met Abbe, Tricia and Keith sitting at the bar having dinner. They are also “solo travelers” boarding for the entire trip. We all met for the first time at the Hotel.

Day 1: Saturday, January 7–Boarded the Mariner complete with red carpet, champagne and caviar 🍾🥂. Only one thing missing and that’s my dear friend, Judy, who is planning to board in Australia.

Day 2: Sunday, January 8th at 3:00 p.m.—When the ship departed port, IGoodbye Miami, USA, family and friends until I see you in June. I will miss you all very much! Please keep in touch❤️

Day 5: Wednesday, January 11–After 2 days crossing the Caribbean Sea, we arrived in beautiful Cartagena, Columbia.

Abbe and I finished the tour with a Blue Moon 🍻

Day 6: Thursday, January 12–Panama Canal Daylight Transit. Woke up at 5:30 a.m. and went directly to the Observation Lounge to watch as we passed thru the Gatun Locks, into the Panama Canal, and under the Bridge of the Americas. A voyage thru the Panama Canal is filled with views of lush terrain and calm waters.

Special thanks to my family (Mike, Dean, Glenn, Corinna, Wayne, Vic, Bill and Louanne) who traveled along with me via WebCam coverage.❤️🛳

Kelly, Matt, Hannah, Livvy, April and Emily, I know you were with me in spirit as you were tucked away and sound asleep.❤️😴

Day 7: Friday, January 13–Crossing the Equator. Crossing the Equator at sea marks a well-established and time honored tradition initiated by many navy Captains across the world to boost morale and camaraderieRoman mythology places Neptune as God of the Sea and so tradition dictates that homage and allegiance is promised to Neptune with a “ceremony” that dates back to 1529. The ceremony included many cruel and demanding tasks, involving blindfolds, walking the plank, raw eggs, live fish, shaving, tar, grease and water immersion. In order for a Seaman (one who hasn’t crossed the Equator) to transform to a trusty Shellback (one who

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